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Review: RCA ANT751 HD Antenna


If you are like me, then you live where they can’t run those magical cables, or maybe you just want to add a few more tuners to record some high quality over the air HD.  Either way, you need a good antenna to get that signal into those tuners.  If you live in a major city, then you can probably get away with those inexpensive antennas that sit inside your house.  But, if you live out in the middle of nowhere then you might need something a little bit more powerful.  All of my HD towers available from Cincinnati are between 25.8 and 28.3 miles away, so I needed a very good antenna to get the job done.  Initially I did not want to run an outdoor antenna, but after reading some online reviews, I purchased a Radio Shack 15-1892 indoor powered antenna.  This model has since been discontinued, but it was powered, had built in gain and direction settings, and looked like a spaceship. This antenna did reasonably well inside my house, receiving all the major channels at a pretty high signal.   There was one channel,ABC, that was kind of hit or miss.  I would tweak it to be perfect, then two weeks later the channel would skip all over the place.  I eventually grew tired of that and wanted to get an Antenna that I could set and forget.  After researching many different Terk models, I finally stumbled across the RCA ANT751 while browsing the AVS forums.  It was exactly what I was looking for. Something small, compact, easy to mount, and best of all it was cheap!!

Assembly and Testing

There is not much to the assembly on this unit, as it arrives 95% assembled.  Simply unfold all the arms and that is it.  The only step left was to mount the unit. at the time, it was 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so I decided to do a temporary mount for time being until spring hits.  The mount is identical to a satellite dish mount and the antenna slides over it with one clamp.  After mounting, I ran the coax cable into the house and into my distribution block.  I immediately ran upstairs to fire up the SIliconDust Software and have it rescan for channels.  I immediately found all the previous channels that I was able to receive and 4 new channels.  Every channel was coming in crystal clear with full signal.   It has been 3 weeks now and I have not noticed one skip in any of my WIindows Media Center recordings.  That was something I could never say with my old antenna.


There is not really too much to review on an Antenna like this.  The quality is pretty good.  The instructions are easy to follow. It can be had for less than $50, and it just plain works.  So if you live in a fringe HD area then I recommend that you give this Antenna a look.

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