Update on HDHomeRun Prime

I awoke this Thanksgiving morning to an update from Silicon Dust about the status if their much-anticipated HDHomeRun Prime. This of course is their 3-tuner, networked CABLECARD tuner.
Details are still light other than the confirmation that it will be selling for $250. They say that they will be releasing to production in two weeks. We still aren’t certain what that means for a release date though as they also said they won’t even announce a pre-order date until after production has begun.
I still wouldn’t put any bets on getting your hands on a Prime in 2010, but the fact that we’ve heard something from them at all is good news. It’s also good to see the price is still low as this may force Ceton’s hand into considering a price drop on the InfiniTV 4.

Announcement text below.

We are at CableLabs® for the final review, with release to production in 2 weeks. Pre-order and release dates will be announced shortly following release to production. On the availability side we are working with major retail partners to stock the HDHomeRun PRIME and accept pre-orders. The price has been confirmed at $249.
Black Friday -We have been working with the good people at Newegg for a great Black Friday deal on the original HDHomeRun-Dual ATSC/clear QAM tuner. The sale runs Friday November 26 continuing through to Cyber Monday.
CES -everything is in place for a great CES 2011 in Las Vegas January 6-9 -We will be on the floor in the South Hall 3, upper level, booth 31948.
Release to production is the key milestone for us and we have been working hard to make it happen. We will keep you posted.


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