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Entertainment 2.0 #90: Week of a Thousand Tuners

PrintYou’re getting the show a bit early this week!  I decided that since August 19th is the two year anniversary of the show, I didn’t want to miss it.  It was this day in 2008 that the audio adventure began.  Thanks for sticking with us all the way through!

This week’s title for the show comes straight from the content.  Between the Tuner Salad release and the fact that CableLabs recently decided to allow tuner sharing, it’s all tuners this week.  Check the links below for all the info!

Our 100th episode sometime in October and we’re looking for ideas.  How should we celebrate this milestone?  Let us know!

Click here to download Episode 90!

Show links:

CableCard approves spec change

Tuner Salad

Big Screen EPG

Sneak Peek at Windows Phone 7 byRemote


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