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Entertainment 2.0 #88: Tweaking SA and Kinect Invasion

PrintWith summer being such a slow news period there just isn’t a whole lot going on anywhere.  Media Center related or not.  Everyone is spending time outside and our HTPCs just don’t get the workout that they do in the fall.

That said, Josh and I were able to find some MC related stories this week.  They’re not all directly related but the articles and topics covered will help add to your enjoyment of your media.  Have a look at the links below.

Don’t forget that our listeners help make our show and as such we love hearing from you!  You can email us, or better yet, call in and leave a voicemail.  Our number is 877-856-4933 and it’s a free call in the US and Canada!

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  • Hi again

    First off, why not set up iTunes to sync “all unplayed” podcasts? That way it doesn't matter how many you want to keep of every one. Anything you haven' listened to is on there.

    Second, look at the link below for downgrading your iPod Touch, my frined wrote it and it worked for his iPhone 3G.