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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 71: Tricks and Tips From Boston

Ent20logo2 Episode 71 is here and this week we’re joined by our special guest, Pete Stagman of NEDMUG.  Pete recently published an article that will walk you right through the complete setup of a media center system from installing your OS to the tweaks you should apply to get the best experience possible.  He shared some tips with us on the show this week that a lot of people should find helpful.

We also take time to touch on Never Miss TV though none of us can say much as this is a UK exclusive.  We’re still looking for one of the Media Center users from the other side of the pond to join us and talk about these streaming applications.

Thanks to those of you that wrote in this week.  Keep the email and voicemail coming!  We enjoy hearing from you.  You can use the contact page, or even better, just call 1-877-856-4933 and leave a message.


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