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HTPCentric Episode 01: The Return

htpcfinal It’s time for a new show here at The DMZ!  While Entertainment 2.0 covers the Media Center community, there are a lot of other options out there when it comes to HTPC software.  Add in hardware, storage and customization, and we decided it was time to provide the rest of the Home Theater PC users out there a show they can enjoy!  As such, we’ll be covering Media Center, SageTV, MythTV and other HTPC software.  As well, we’ll do our best to get you the info you need to make hardware decisions.

At this time, HTPCentric will be a monthly show.  It’s taken a little longer than expected to get this first episode out to you but hopefully they’ll start to be closer to the beginning of the month.  Each month, Jere Jones and Adam Thursby will get together with other HTPC users, enthusiasts and experts to help you wade through the myriad topics that are involved with using all of the different options available.  While we’ll try and focus on a specific topic during each show, there will always be good info so be sure and subscribe to the feed to get the latest episode as soon as possible.

As with any first episode, stick with us.  It’ll only get better.  Though audio issues creep up from time to time, we’ll do our best to provide you the best show possible every month.

The best means always getting good topics and good people to join our roundtables.  If you’re an HTPC user and have something to say, let us know!  You can use the contact page here on The DMZ or email us if you’re interested in joining the show at some point.

Click here to download Episode 01!

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