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The DMZ Media Minute Returns-Week of March 22nd, 2010

Print While it’s been quite awhile since we’ve covered the weekly digital media releases, I thought it was time to bring back The DMZ Media Minute.  Each week you’ll get a three to five minute podcast detailing the upcoming week’s Blu-ray, DVD and music releases.

While most weeks, you can have trouble deciding what new release to grab, this one is pretty easy.  There just isn’t anything that interesting in the movie area this week other than Toy Story 1 and 2 hitting Blu-ray.  Pixar’s stuff usually looks great in HD and hopefully these two classics make the move in good shape.  These seem a bit early to me with Toy Story 3 coming in July but hopefully they’ll be enough to get you ready for the third (and 3D) installment.

DVDs follow Blu-rays for the most part though there are some series coming to DVD that aren’t making the move to HD.

Don’t forget that although I’ll do my best to make this show as accurate as possible, studios can change their minds, even at the last minute.  Even with recording the show only two days early, last minute changes can happen.  Hopefully though you’ll be able to find the content you’re looking for.

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