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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 65: The Hockey Minute

Ent20logo2 Once again we return as ready as ever to answer your questions and mull the intricacies of Media Center.  We had a lot of fun on this week’s show and got some good information out to you, our listeners.

First up this week is Boxee and Windows Media Center Integration 1.0.  A new tool, this app will place a tile in Media Center linked to Boxee and through magic in the background will close Media Center and open Boxee when selected.  It does the process in reverse once you’re ready to head back.  I’ve been using Boxee for awhile now and this is something I’ll be installing very soon myself.  If the transition is as smooth as other solutions, you should be good to go as far as not having to touch a mouse or keyboard.

For those of you still using the Windows 7 Release Candidate, don’t forget:  Your HTPC will start rebooting itself every two hours starting March 1st.  After that, you have until June 1st when your copy of Win 7 will not receive updates or fixes as it’ll no longer be counted as a true, genuine copy.  Head out and get that retail copy!  If you don’t want to have to deal with that pesky reinstall, apparently there’s a way to go from the RC to retail but neither of us have tried it so use at your own risk.

One other thing we covered was a question sent in from one of our listeners regarding guide data.  You can find Guide Tool through the link.  I haven’t had to play with this yet but if you have any questions, be sure to send them on to Josh!

Thanks to everyone for sending in your questions and comments.  Our contact page is no longer sending your messages to the spam folder so contact away!

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As always, we thank Dragon Global for their support of Entertainment 2.0.  While you can’t skip the Olympic events you don’t want to watch, you certainly won’t be plagued by commercials.


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