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LG, Tivit bringing mobile TV to CES 2010

LG-Mobile-TV-Standard Other than 3D, when it comes to television broadcast, mobile is a main topic we’re going to hear coming out of CES.  It looks as though a few companies are ready to go for this year’s show.

LG will be demoing their DP570MH Mobile Digital Television with DVD player.  The device has a seven inch screen and folds down to a reasonable size.  The portable TV is set to release in 2010 with at $249 price point and will run off of a rechargeable battery that will provide 2.5 hours of TV viewing time or 4.5 hours of DVD time.

Also coming to the show is the Tivit.  This little box will receive mobile ATSC television signals and push them out using Wi-fi using Real-Time Streaming Protocol.  This device also has a rechargeable battery that will nab you 3 hours of continuous reception.

These and other mobile TV devices will all be demoed at the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) sponsored CES Mobile DTV TechZone.  It’ll be interesting to see if mobile TV can take off.  I have a feeling that this year’s CES will be more of a tech demo than anything since the OMVC is launching the first customer trial in Washington D.C. sometime in 2010.

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