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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 57: Dave McCabe

Ent20logo2 It’s Christmas Eve and all through the house, not a creature was stirring.  Except for Josh, Adam and special guest for Episode 57 Dave McCabe. 

Fresh off of our cable company round table, we’re sending out a great Christmas gift for our listeners this week.  Dave McCabe of The Home Server Show joins us to discuss his Media Center experiences and how Windows Home Server can be used to help add some functionality to MCE. 

Again, not much in the way of show notes but be sure and come back next week when we’ll be covering all of the great emails, comments and voicemail that you guys have been sending us!  And don’t forget to subscribe to The Home Server Show while you’re at it.

We also want to take time to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.  Be safe while you’re out traveling in your one horse open sleigh!


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Happy Holidays from Dragon Global, creators of Show Analyzer.  Don’t watch pesky commercials while enjoying those holiday specials.  Skip over them and get back to the action!


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