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The $4,000 HTPC no one should ever see

2_1024_3 We all want quiet and good looking HTPCs for the living room.  Well what about one that you never see and that is so well hidden no one will even know it’s there?

The Piixl EdgeCenter 3770 hooks straight to the back of your TV using the VESA mounting interface.  At only 30mm deep, it won’t do much to change the look of how your TV hangs and if you have your set on a stand, no one will ever know.  The PC can fit devices 37 to 70 inches.4_1024_3

The starting configuration comes with a 3Ghz Core 2 Duo and only goes up from there.  The problem, like with most custom built HTPCs, is price.  the base model starts at £2,490.00.  For that you can build yourself a really quiet, really hidden HTPC, or several and outfit your whole home.  That being the case though, the company is probably looking at that high end home theater market that most of us just don’t live in. 


via Engadget