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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 49: Rippin’ It Up!

Ent20logo2 We’re finally back after a one week hiatus and hopefully it’ll be the last one we take for awhile.  We hope no one missed us too much.  This week we start off by running through the comments, questions and emails from the last show.  Thanks again for all of your feedback!

Once we get through the weekly stuff, it’s on to this week’s topic:  ripping and encoding DVDs.  You’ll find links for all of the software we discuss down below in the show notes.  Much like everything else with HTPCs and Media Center, there’s no one way to do things and certainly no single right way.  We try and give you all the info you need to get your collection viewable on your Media Center machine and your extenders.

Thanks again to everyone for writing in and calling.  We wouldn’t have a show without you.

Show Notes:

Click here to download Episode 49!

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