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Seen in HD Episode 7 – WWII in HD


Welcome back to Seen in HD, your weekly look at all things High Def. This week, an article from the HDTV Professor sparks discussion about how we’ll look at the current 3D fad in 10 years. Forrester research boldy predicted that HDTV would not succeed in a 1998 report, and similar reports are swirling today as consumers try to figure out what to make of 3D. Adam and Phil looks at some of the factors. Including are results of a study that says the majority of consumers are not willing to pay extra for 3D. Finally, Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn told that HDTV was in its early stages still. Do our hosts agree?

Phil takes a look at the Battle in Seattle on Blu-ray in our review this week. The 2007 film looks at the riots surrounding the WTO meetings in Seattle. A good movie but an average Blu-ray with limited extras. Certainly worth renting. Catch Phil’s full review on his site, Living High Def. (Note Phil’s site is undergoing some maintenance currently).

Looking back at the HD week that was, Adam caught a glimpse of Glory on Blu-ray over the last week, a film that was reviewed in Episode 1. Phil caught a glimpse of a new show on History called What Went Down that aims to recreate historic and correct inaccuracies. The first two shows look at Pearl Harbor and the Alamo.

The big news this week, however, is History’s new 10-hour special WWII in HD. Starting November 15 and 9 p.m., this five-part special pulls from more than 3,000 hours worth of footage to present WWII footage that in some cases hasn’t been seen since the 1940s. The footage was repaired, cleaned and color-corrected for its transfer to HD. Plenty of stars lend their voice talents to the series, including narrator Gary Sinese and Ron Livingston of Band of Brothers. Check out trailers for the show here and here. We’ll certainly spend more time talking about this show once it airs.

30 Rock is the big TV premiere this week courtesy of Geek Tonic’s Ultimate Fall 2009 Premiere Schedule. No. 6 USC travels to No. 25 Notre Dame for Saturday’s big college game. In baseball, the league championship series start as well. Check out the full HD Sportsman here.

Finally, the big Blu-ray release for the week is Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, which is coming to you in special exclusive packaging from three different retailers.

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