Microsoft Shows A Little Media Center Love

windows_7_graphic1 New Windows 7 commercials have started playing and as HTPC enthusiasts, it’s good to see that Microsoft is highlighting Media Center in their campaign.  No matter what software you choose to use as an enthusiast, you have to admit that Media Center looks good and with the networking and Home Group functionality built into Windows 7, people could actually leverage the platform into something useful around the home.

I don’t quite get where the commercial is going by having “guitar boy” standing around and singing, but I do like how they show TV starting on the PC and finally moving to the living room on an Xbox 360.  This is what Media Center is good at and hopefully more people will discover how useful it can be.  More users can only mean more support from MS!

Check the video below:


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Adam Thursby

Adam Thursby is the founder and creator of The Digital Media Zone.