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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 48: First Fireside Chat of the Season

Ent20logo2 This week, as Adam warms himself by the fire, he and Josh get a chance to cover all of the great emails and comments we’ve received in the last two weeks.  You guys make our show what it is so keep them coming!  There are a ton of options for contacting us and you’ll find them listed below.

We also take time to discuss your various 3rd party options when it comes to movie cataloging and viewing within Media Center.  There are some great options out there when it comes to displaying your movie collection and we talk about three of them.  Each has it’s pros and cons and you’ll find links to them below.

Don’t forget that your voice can be a part of the show!  Just call 1-877-856-4933 and leave us a message.  We’ll get you dropped right in.  Of course you can always use the contact page to reach us or find us on Twitter!

Show Notes:

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