Hidden Startup Switches in 7MC

Hidden Startup Switches in 7MC Missing Remote has the low down this morning from Andrew Cherry on how to make Media Center in Windows 7 start the way you want it to start.  I personally like the start up animation and sound that plays, both of which are new to MCE with Windows 7.  But if you don’t, you can shut them off.  There are other options as well such as playing all music on startup, a slideshow, etc.


  • /nostartupanimation

–stops the startup sound and Windows Media Center logo "pebble" going off into the distance

  • /noshutdownui

–removes the "shutdown" item from the tasks menu

  • /mediamode

–starts in media only mode (no close/minimize/maximize options in top right corner)


This is just the short list.  For a full list of everything Andrew has found as well as how to apply this switches, head to Missing Remote and read up!


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