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Keep ALL your iPods Up To Date

PARASYNC_20_illuminated2-381x382 Filed under the “who would ever need this” category comes the Parasync 20 iPod/iPhone charger and sync station.  Why any individual would ever need a device like this is beyond me but I have to say that after thinking about it for awhile, I guess if your business decides to provide all of the employees with iPhones which remain on company property it could come in handy.  Of course then you have to ask why you’re providing your employees with phones that have to stay in the building, but I digress.  The one other use I thought of was for language training.  Load it up with audio or text files, let students take them home to study, then bring them back to sync up the next lesson.

You won’t be able to pick this bad boy up at your local Best Buy but instead have to call the company directly to get pricing and to order.  Below, Parasync shows us just how easy the device is to use:

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