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Amazon VOD Comes to Panasonic VIERACast Enabled Blu-ray Players

panasonic-portable-blu-ray-player-dmp-bd15 Panasonic announced today that the full line of VIERA Cast enabled Blu-ray players have full access to Amazon’s Video On Demand service.  The update was pushed out last night automatically.  Just register your Blu-ray player with the Amazon service and you can start enjoying streaming content immediately.

The new service will allow customers to:

  • Browse and shop for their favorite movies and TV shows from Amazon Video On Demand’s selection of more than 45,000 commercial-free titles, including the latest new releases and over 1000 titles in HD.
  • Enjoy instant playback streamed to your player, no downloading, no waiting and no subscription fees.
  • Access and add to their virtual library of purchases, via Amazon Video On Demand’s Your Video Library, and re-watch them on any of Panasonic’s critically acclaimed line of VIERA Cast-enabled Blu-ray Disc players or online with a PC, MAC or other compatible device.

While an internet connection is of course required to make use of the service, VIERA Cast is available on all of the company’s 2009 Blu-ray players including the B15 portable player.  Never again will you be stuck watching local programming while staying in a hotel room across the country!  Not that you were before but at least now you don’t have to pack the discs with you if you don’t have the room.



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