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Samsung Yepp to go Against the Zune HD?

m1 Seems that Samsung is getting ready to start using that Nvidia Tegra chip we’ve been hearing about.  The same one that will power the ZuneHD apparently.

The Samsung Yepp was discovered on the company’s Korean website and the specs are running right inline with my next personal must have gadget.  The Samsung R1 and M1 will each feature a 3.3 inch OLED touch screen, Bluetooth audio, Divx playback as well as an integrated voice recorder and microSD expansion slot.  In fact, although I can’t read Korean, the only difference I see between the R1 and M1 is that one is for women and the other for men.

No pricing is available yet and who knows if the device will even make it’s way to the US but could it really compete with something like the iPod Touch or ZuneHD?  Something tells me no but that doesn’t mean Samsung won’t give it a shot.

via CNet