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Sonos CR200 Now Available

bd731328-8faf-4391-8617-dd97b2ab764e If you want whole home audio, it can arguably be said that Sonos offers one of the best systems on the market.  That quality comes at a price but some things are worth it.

The company has just stepped up on the control side of whole home audio to offer the Sonos CR200, a touchscreen remote that allows you to control the music in any room of your home.

Sporting a 3.5 inch LCD with LED backlighting the CR200 provides 640×480 resolution so it’s easy to see while you search your music catalog for playback.  Since the remote isn’t tied to any specific Sonos player in your system you can control what’s played and the volume on the whole setup, not just one room.  The package also comes with a charging cradle so forget about changing batteries.

The one downside might be the price.  At $349 it’s more expensive than some netbooks on the market today and it has a dedicated function.  With this kind of system you’re paying for that dedicated function but still, $349?  I’d rather have my netbook that I can give the ability to control output devices throughout my home with Windows 7 and DLNA.




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