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LG Adds Bluetooth to TVs Using Broadcom Tech

lg-logo Bluetooth is more than just jawbone headsets for your mobile phone.  That’s what Broadcom and LG are showing by adding the technology to LGs newest line of TVs which are now shipping.

While most people use bluetooth to make calls with their phone or to listen to music with wireless headphones, LG is using the tech in a different way.  By adding the Broadcom chips to their TVs, they will allow consumers to stream music from Bluetooth enable smartphones and PMPs to their TVs for playback.  Consumers will also be able to share pictures directly from their phones.

Both companies also see this as a way for people to use their phones as remote controls and as QWERTY keyboards for text input into built in TV widgets.  Might make it a lot easier than using that standard TV remote, that’s for sure.

While no mention of specific models from LG was mentioned, these sets are apparently shipping now.  To me it’s not worth it to stream music to TV speakers but, with HDMI 1.4 providing a reverse channel back to other components, such as A/V receivers, it could get a bit more interesting, especially if it’s a multi-zone receiver.  Then you could keep all of your music in one place and play it on the go or at home anytime you’d like.