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Apps Coming to ZuneHD?

zunehd_net_eng Long Zheng, writer for “I Started Something” has discovered a recent trademark filing by Microsoft that may be pointing to a sort of App Store for not only the ZuneHD but possibly WinMo 7 as well.

Trademark application 77775625 for the trademark “ONEAPP”, refers to “online retail store services facilitating the download of computer software for use on mobile phones, media players and other portable electronic devices”.

The bold on “media players is Long’s, not mine.  I’ve expected apps for the ZuneHD since it was rumored so this really doesn’t surprise me.  You can get simple apps on the current Zune with a little hacking and some extra programs installed on your PC.  What this give hint to is that apps will work across multiple devices from ZuneHD to WinMo phones and who knows what else.  A unified app between devices would be great!

Let’s hope this is pointing towards Microsoft finally getting organized and starting to bring ecosystems which should communicate with each other, together.



via I Started Something



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