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ZuneHD Mole Spills Some More Info

image Neowin published an interview they were able to get with the “ZuneHD mole”.  It seems that Microsoft had some knowledge of the mole and the information that has been leaked up till now.  According to the article:

RR: Why did you decide to talk about the Zune HD?
TK: Because I love Zune…It’s just an all around better product then the iPod & I wanted it do better in the marketplace.
RR: Was it approved by execs higher up, or did you just go ahead without Microsoft approval?
TK: I went ahead without any approval from any of the higher ups.
RR: How did they react when they found out that you were passing info to the Zune community?
TK: I just said yes it is me & went right on giving the Zune community great insider news

To me, that shows that someone is being very selective about what we find out.  Reading the rest of the interview, we get this gem:

RR: How has the Zune software changed?
TK: The Zune software has evolved to meet the needs of the Zune HD. it is also going to become much more a “center of entertainment” for the whole household. Microsoft also plans to have Zune interact with a variety of other Microsoft services.

Now, whether this refers to the fact that the Zune content is coming to the Xbox or that we might actually get to see some MCE integration has yet to be seen but lets all hope that the “executives” at MS haven’t let everything slip out yet.  I kinda like being surprised.

Head to Neowin to read the full interview and get some details on possible pricing.




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