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Sherwood Receivers Get VuNow

image It’s all about content integration this year.  Getting rid of the boxes cluttering our home theater setups.  While some, like LG, are adding functionality to their TVs and Blu-Ray players, Sherwood has decided that the A/V receiver is as good as any other piece of equipment when it comes to bringing digital content to the TV.

Sherwood today announced an agreement with Verismo Networks, providers of VuNow to bring the online video service to Sherwood’s line of receivers.

"Consumers are looking for a new breed of appliances for home entertainment that can bring the rich media assets available on the Internet directly to the TV," said Jeff Hipps, EVP at Sherwood America. "We evaluated the available solutions and were impressed with Verismo’s open Internet TV platform — both in terms of the breadth of content that is supported, and as ease of integration into other consumer devices."

While the release doesn’t specify which Sherwood models the VuNow service will be available on, it seems that soon, your TV, Blu-Ray player, and surround receiver will be able to stream online and PC stored content for you.  So how do you decide which one to use?


via eCoustics