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Audyssey Unveils Their New Sub Equalizer

While I have surround sound in my home, it seems that lately, there’s been a lot of talk about running two subwoofers to get the best bass possible from your setup. 

That being said, CEPro today reported that Audyssey is providing the perfect solution.  On July 1st you’ll be able to pick up the Sub Equalizer.  Not only does the little box provide dual subwoofer inputs, but it’ll help you calibrate your subs as well. 

From CEPro:

The Sub Equalizer uses MultEQ XT technology to correct the bass, fixing acoustic problems in both frequency and time domains.
The unit will also help integrate two subwoofers into a client’s system. The Sub Equalizer automatically sets the delay level on each subwoofer.

From looking at the images, you’ll be able to hook up a mic to get everything calibrated correctly.  After that, sonically perfect bass should be easy!  That is if you want to drop $799 for perfect bass.




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