How Has the DTV Transition Affected You?

image A new study has revealed that a full 26% of Americans have either changed their viewing habits or bought new equipment due to the digital television cutoff coming June 12th.

Knowledge Networks has been tracking reaction to the digital transition since 2006; the new data, collected from February to April this year, shows that, among TV households:

  • 18% said they had bought a digital converter to adapt a standard definition set to receive digital signals;
  • 8% bought a digital or HDTV set specifically in preparation for the transition; and
  • 5% started a new subscription to a pay television service such as cable or satellite TV, also specifically in anticipation of the switch to digital

Awareness of the transition has increased to 91 percent of all TV homes, up from 85% in 2008 and 45% in 2007. All subgroups – whether by householder age, race, ethnicity, or reception type – report awareness over 90%.

Among the 18% of TV homes that bought a digital converter, most (80%) utilized the government coupon program. In homes that still have only broadcast reception, three times as many (53%) report they bought a digital converter in the past year, and 93% of those used the coupon program.

The number of sets per home relying on regular broadcast reception averaged 0.48 in the new survey; this is almost two-thirds less compared with our Spring 2006 survey, when the average was 1.32. Between their awareness of the transition and evidence of adaptation to this new broadcast standard, it is clear Americans have received the message about the transition loud and clear.


How has the digital transition affected your home?  New TV? Switch to cable or satellite?  Bigger antenna?  Leave a comment and let us know!


via Knowledge Networks



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