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Tell Your Portable Device All About It

image Fast Company is reporting that soon, your portable media player may soon be able to create playlists based upon your mood.  You read that right…your mood.

The first indicator comes from a patent recently filed by Sony Ericsson titled “Generating a playlist based on facial expression” and does basically what it says.  Using your smartphone or PMP built in camera, the software could tell whether or not you’re smiling, frowning, or just look plain old pitiful and play music to match that mood.

The other method being tested is described in the article:

The second idea has a bit more solid thinking behind it, largely because it’s simpler. It’s a design project by Anaid Gomez Ortigoza, an NYU student. Dubbed Kokoro, it basically senses your mood using your heart rate–detected via a built-in Polar heart sensor. Depending on how fast your heart is beating–which is a pretty good indicator if you’re in the mood for something dramatic or mellow–it’ll choose music with a similarly fast or slow tempo.

You can watch a short video of Kokoro in action here.  I have to assume that this is an early build of the product.

While I like creating my own playlists, if something like this works as well as say, Pandora, it could be a great addition to PMPs in the future.


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