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Creative Releases New Zen Players

This one almost slipped by me until I caught the post on Gearlog.  Since starting The DMZ, I’ve been trying to keep on top of the news when it comes to portable media players (PMPs) so I was a bit surprised by this one.

image Seems that Creative has just announced the new line of Zen players.  First up is the Zen Mosaic EZ300.  Priced at $59.95 for the 4GB model and $79.95 for the 8GB, it features a 1.8 inch LCD which runs at 128×160 pixels.  Not a lot of frills but you do get an FM tuner as well as an alarm clock.

image The Zen MX is a more robust unit sporting a 2.5 inch LCD running a better resolution.  The MX starts at $99.99 for the 8GB model and goes to $129.99 for the 16.  Both also provide an SD/SDHC slot to expand that capacity.

Both look like nice players if you’re looking for a lower priced unit.  We’ll see if Creative can take a bite out of the iPod’s market with these.


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