Intel Shows Next-Generation NUC

Jan 10, 2015 by

Intel's NUC small form-factor PCs have always been interesting to home theater PC builders. The 5th-generation device packs even more features that should make it a compelling product.

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Zotac Shows a Spherical PC and a Steam Machine Prototype

Jan 11, 2014 by

Zotac, a company known for their plentiful small form-factor PC offerings was at CES showing off a sphere-shaped PC. They also had their Steam Machine prototype on display.

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Intel Shows SD Card-Sized PC

Jan 9, 2014 by

While scouring Intel's gigantic CES booth we found, and were amazed by, one of the smallest items in the entire booth.

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Earth by Low Carbon PC Review

Apr 4, 2011 by

There are more companies who build and sell computers than any one person could possibly count. There are so many now that for a new company to even have a chance at succeeding in the market that they must have something unique that will truly separate them from all of their competitors. Like...

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