Intel Shows SD Card-Sized PC

Jan 9, 2014 by

Intel always has a huge presence at CES, but we weren’t expected to be so surprised by something so small. Intel was showing off a new PC called Edison. That’s right, a PC. It’s not just a processor. It’s a full PC using the Quark processor found in their new Galileo board. The Quark inside of the Edison is a dual-core, 32-bit, x86 processor. The Edison PC also has on-board RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and storage. Did we mention that all of this is the size of an SD card? In fact, it can still be used as an ordinary SD card, but it’s a complete PC! They foresee the Quark processor, and the Edison PC being used in wearable technologies. This technology could also go a long way in further enabling another big buzzword for the show, The Internet of Things. Check out the photos and videos, and see if you’re as amazed as we are by the Edison from Intel.