Home: On #083 – CES Eve, with Ry Crist

Jan 3, 2017 by

CNET’s Ry Crist joins Richard just before the start of CES to reminisce about last year’s highlights and post-show reality and to speculate about what they'll see this year at this massive event. They're both betting on more smart refrigerators, and Richard's pretty confident he won’t like them.

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Home: On #065 – CES 2016

Jan 18, 2016 by

We're in Las Vegas at CES, seeing some of the latest and yet to be released new products for the connected home. Will we see everything come to market? Maybe, maybe not...but that's part of the fun of CES.

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Home: On #064 – Anticipating CES, with Rich Brown

Dec 31, 2015 by

It's our last episode of 2015, and CES is right around the corner. Who better to discuss what we anticipate seeing at the show than CNET's Executive Editor, Rich Brown? What will be the big themes at this year's show? Our money's on the smart home and wearables.

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ZuneHD Preview and Praise

Aug 5, 2009 by

Sometimes, I wish I worked for CNet.  Or, any of the other outlets that are getting the opportunity that Donald Bell of MP3 Insider recently got.  Seems that Mr. Bell was able to get about an hour of play time with the forthcoming ZuneHD and he’s walked away impressed. By now we know most of...

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Fill Your Media Browser Podcast Plugin

Jun 21, 2009 by

The new Media Browser (2.1) has added a lot of great features.  You can read about them over at Hack7MC in an article just published today.  One of the new additions I’ve been playing with since Friday’s release has been the Podcast plugin.  It’s easy to use and allows you to watch your...

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Apple Warns Users About 3rd Party Hardware

Jun 18, 2009 by

Not too long ago, one of the bigger stories in portable media was that the Palm Pre would be able to sync with iTunes when it was released.  By using some programming magic, Palm did its best to make sure that people could use the most popular media syncing software with their phone. ...

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Rhapsody Friendly MP3 Players

Jun 8, 2009 by

For those who don’t like Apple’s or Microsoft’s solutions when it comes to portable media players, there are a ton of hardware solutions on the market.  While none have the clout of iPod and few have the storage of the Zune, there are a lot of quality players on the market which will give...

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