Xbox One: The Xbox that Doesn’t Do Media Center

Sep 4, 2013 by

Today Microsoft confirmed what we had unfortunately suspected for months: the Xbox One will not work as a Windows Media Center Extender. What led up to this, and what does this say for Microsoft's consumer entertainment strategy going forward?

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First Look: Media Center Cast – A Chromecast Plug-In for Windows...

Aug 23, 2013 by

A new plug-in enables the ability to Chromecast to a Windows Media Center. No extra hardware is required. We go hands-on, and we're excited about the results!

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Amazon Cloud Player Updated

Aug 2, 2012 by

Amazon has taken a big step toward looking more like a cross-platform iTunes competitor with their recently updated Cloud Player offering. Learn about its new features, and how it compares to the likes of iTunes and the emerging Google Play music service.

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An Open Letter to Windows Media Center Users: Show Microsoft the Money

Apr 17, 2012 by

Microsoft has decided to make Media Center a paid add-on in Windows 8 Professional. This may upset some, and may discourage others, but Jon Deutsch think it's the best outcome.

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A Bright Future for Windows Media Center? Thanks to Xbox?

Apr 3, 2012 by

Microsoft's Windows Media Center has always struggled in the marketing arena. Does a new rumor suggest that Microsoft may be rethinking the marketing strategy?

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Will 2012 Finally be the Year of the Smart Family Room?

Feb 21, 2012 by

The big consumer electronics and tech companies have been trying to deliver video to your living room and family room for over a decade now. Is 2012 the year that one (or more) of them will get it right?

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Should Microsoft Really Do Media? A Look at Zune

Feb 16, 2012 by

If you ask people what kind of company Microsoft is, you may get varying answers (snarky quips aside), but the responses would probably converge around “software.” Windows, Office, Outlook, database software, the myriad of business tools…are all software. Sure, there are other aspects of...

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