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Story Players #020 – Final Fantasy XV – Episode 1

story_players_logo_350This week the Story Players are starting a new multi-part series, and it’s a special one. They are playing through Final Fantasy XV, but Josh and Joe are playing in completely different ways. Josh is playing the game on Xbox One, and Joe is playing on his Android phone. That’s right, there’s a pocket edition of Final Fantasy XV that was recently released. It offers the entire story that’s available on consoles, but with a different art style. It’s also scaled-back in terms of side-quests and extra content.

The guys are playing the game at the same time and then comparing the similarities and differences between the two platforms. Will Josh get more out of the expanded game world that the console version has to offer, or will the stream-lined experience in the Pocket Edition make the complicated story easier to digest? Play along with them, on either platform, to find out. This is shaping up to be a six-part series, so make sure you’re subscribed! New episodes will be released weekly until they’ve completed the game.

We want to hear about your experience with Final Fantasy XV too! Please use the comments section below, e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook to send your thoughts. All of our contact information is listed below.

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