Story Players #014 – Please Knock on My Door

Dec 5, 2017 by


The Story Players are playing yet another game that has received a nomination from The Game Awards! For this episode they played Please Knock on My Door. This is a game designed to help you understand, and hopefully empathize, with a person suffering with acute depression and social anxiety. It’s not a feel-good game, but it is one that provides commentary on an issue that impacts millions of lives. It is also a shorter game. Your first play-through will probably be just under two hours, but there are multiple endings to explore and multiple modes in which to play.

Josh and Joe spend the first few minutes describing the game, so if you’ve never played it, feel free to listen to at least that much. You’ll want to complete Please Knock on My Door prior to listening to the rest of this episode though. As usual, the guys will be covering the entire game in depth. If you haven’t played it for yourself they will spoil the experience for you.

During the episode Josh mentions an interview with Michael Levall, the game’s creator. You can find that interview here.

After you’ve completed the game, and this podcast, please join the conversation by commenting below. You can also provide your feedback using any of the contact methods listed below.

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