Baldwin Incorporating Kevo Technology

Jan 8, 2017 by


85355-151-brent-15At CES 2017, Baldwin, maker of high-end hardware and locks, has introduced a new line of handlesets and deadbolts incorporating Kevo technology. The new line, aptly called Evolved, will enable the same connected and touch-to-unlock features of Kwikset’s Kevo line, including app-based control and notifications.

Evolved locks feature a discreet LED indicator, implemented as a thin bar under the key slot instead of the familiar ring of lights on Kevo products. We had a chance to see and experience and Evolved handleset firsthand at CES, and this seems like an ideal match-up of Kevo’s keyless technology with Baldwin’s legacy of high-quality hardware. Tap the rectangular “barrel” with your finger, and the door will lock or unlock with the phone in your pocket or bag. It’s a shame we’re not quite at the state where just putting your hand on the door handle and latch couldn’t also unlock the door (similar to BMW’s keyless entry system), but the verification and mechanical unlocking process just isn’t fast enough to support that yet.

745a6747Baldwin will also release a standalone key fob for Evolved locks, similar to those available for Kevo locks. Depending on their needs, though, customers may want to opt for the standard Kevo fob (which will work), as the Baldwin version is quite sturdy, larger, and heavier than Kevo’s alternative.

Evolved products are expected to be available later this year in 18 different handleset styles and 3 different deadbolt styles, each in 18 finishes. Pricing is going to be…well, let’s just say it will be aligned with Baldwin prices. Baldwin is a premium brand, and customers won’t be surprised by premium pricing. The Kevo technology could add as much as $300 to any given handleset or deadbolt in the Evolved series.