Quantum Break Giveaway

May 18, 2016 by


Quantum Break is one of hottest new games, and it’s only available on Windows 10 and Xbox One. We love the game, and we think you will too! We’ve got a code to give away for the game on Windows 10. We thank our good friend Marques Lyons (@UnlockedXbox) for providing the key.

Keep in mind that Quantum Break will require you to have a fairly serious gaming PC. You’ll want to check the Quantum Break FAQ to verify that your PC can meets the requirements.


Quantum Break Giveaway


  • DarthGamerPro

    I hope I win a copy of this AWESOME game!! Good luck everybody!

  • Kaneda

    Good luck everybody!

  • Tom Frost

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Gaston F.


  • Caroline Croft

    this game is great I hope to win

  • AlexB

    Game looks great, don’t have an xbox so a windows key would rock!

  • Aaron Coltrane

    If I could control time, I’d pause it and I would play all the time.

  • Noris

    cool game

  • Marcos

    I would like to win