Entertainment 2.0 #303 : Where Art Thou Nightfall?

Nov 13, 2014 by

Richard is back this week to discuss a huge week of news with Josh. They start by digging into some federal legislation that has at least one company in the industry upset. Microsoft has announced the first Microsoft Lumia phone, and they’ve officially announced support for MKV and HEVC in Windows 10. Media Browser has some nice new features. Josh has found a great new way to get his political news fix. Microsoft has released the last update to the Xbox One for the year while also rolling out a new Halo game. They’ve apparently launched a Halo video series too, but Josh and Richard are baffled by it. . If you’re not listening live, you’re missing a lot of fun. Join us next week for the live recording of episode 304 on Tuesday, November 18th at 8:00pm ET!

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