Ceton Gear on Sale for Dads and Grads

Jun 12, 2014 by

Did you miss out on Ceton’s big sale for Memorial Day? Are you scrambling at the last minute to find the perfect gifr for your father or graduate? It’s okay, because Ceton has you covered! What dad doesn’t want more TV tuners? Maybe that graduate you know has been watching a lot of television on their PC. Now you can help them bring that experience to their TV through a Windows Media Center Extender.

For those looking to add TV tuners to their home theater PC you can save big on Ceton’s 6-tuner InfiniTV 6 devices. Both the internal, PCIe, and external Ethernet versions are on sale for the weekend. You’ll get the biggest savings on the InfiniTV 6 PCIe. It can be had on Amazon for only $189. That’s $110 off the normal price! Maybe your HTPC is of the small-form-factor variety, and you don’t have room for an expansion card within the case. Ceton’s got you covered in that scenerio too. You can buy theĀ InfiniTV 6 ETH for only $199. That’s $100 off the regular price. They are both essentially the same device, with the only real difference being how the tuners connects to your PC. And even if you already have a few tuners in your HTPC you don’t have to worry about Windows Media Center’s built-in tuner limit. Ceton’s drivers remove that limit, so you can go wild adding as many tuners as you want!

Maybe you’ve already got more TV tuners than you can use, and instead you’d just like to experience Windows Media Center on another TV in your house. If that’s the case you can pick up Ceton’s Echo Windows Media Center Extender. It’s marked down to only $99.99. An extender like the Echo brings all of the base functionality of Media Center to another TV via your network. You can watch live and recorded TV, listen to your music library, view your photo collection, and watch all your favorite movies.

The sale ends June 16th, so don’t wait!

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