tubeCentric Closes Up Shop

Jan 22, 2014 by

tubeCentric is a company that made a Windows Media Center plugin that we really liked. It was called tubeCore, and unfortunately we have to talk about it in past-tense, because late last year the company decided to close up shop. We spoke with Curtis Gray, the creator of the plugin, last year on Entertainment 2.0 about the development of Windows Media Center plugins. It was a great conversation, and we had hoped that the company would continue to provide more functionality that Windows Media Center users have desired.

tubeCore, the main product from tubeCentric, was a plugin that allowed users a way to stream Internet content directly into Windows Media Center. It works really well with PlayOn, another product we really like, and amazingly tubeCore even supports Media Center Extenders! Fortunately, despite the fact that the app is no longer being developed or supported, you can still download it and use it! Who knows how much longer the plugin will be around though, so hurry up and grab it while you still can!

Source: tubeCentric