Recorded TV HD Half-Off for the Holidays

Dec 11, 2013 by

Whenever we write about Recorded TV HD we feel the need to mention that it is one of our all-time favorite add-ins for Windows Media Center. That is of course still true, but we must say we like it even more when it can be purchased at a discount! Right now you can purchase the Whole Household license for only $15! That will give you the ability to install it on every Windows Media Center PC in your house. Don’t forget, it will also run on all of your Media Center Extenders. If you’ve been looking for more control over your recorded TV library then now is a perfect opportunity to check out Recorded TV HD. There is a free trial, but we’re sure once you try it you’re going to want to buy it. Don’t wait though. This sale is a Christmas sale, so it will only be around for a couple of weeks.

Source: Recorded TV HD

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