Entertainment 2.0 #236 : No Chicken Bones Required

Jul 26, 2013 by

Unfortunately Richard is away this week, but Josh wasn’t left to do the show by himself. Instead, Chris Barnes, of thEndUsr podcast, joined in to discuss all the latest news. After some more wonderful listener feedback Josh updates us on his latest experience with the Ceton InfiniTV 6 ETH, before the two dig into the latest Xbox One news. Microsoft has also launched a new Halo game for Windows 8 and Windows Phone which carried the discussion nicely into the latest news from Microsoft’s mobile platform. Joe Belfiorre is reaching out to vocal customers while his company is releasing the latest update to Windows Phone 8. Nokia also announced yet another phone while it looks like another Windows Phone will be coming to Sprint very soon. Josh and Chris capped off the show by discussing Google’s surprise announcement of the ChromeCast device and what that could mean for viewing web content on your HDTV. If you’re not listening live you’re missing a lot of fun, so make sure to join Josh and Richard for the live recording of episode 237 on Tuesday, July 30th at 8:00pm ET!

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