Ceton Introduces InfiniTV 6 ETH – 6 Tuner Network CableCARD Device

May 13, 2013 by

Ceton started the week off with a bombshell announcement. They have launched their brand new InfiniTV 6 ETH. Yes, they’ve launched, not announced, it. It’s available now from Amazon and other retailers for only $299. The design looks very similar to the USB version of the InfiniTV 4 (reviewed here), with a couple of minor changes. In terms of functionality it takes one CableCARD and can record up to six TV shows simultaneously. It doesn’t need to be directly connected to a PC either. Simply plug an Ethernet cable into it from your router and it can easily be paired with multiple Windows Media Center machines around your house. If you’re stuck with a cable provider that uses Switched Digital Video (SDV) then you’ll be happy to know that the InfiniTV 6 only requires one SDV Tuning Adapter, and it can be plugged directly into the InfiniTV via the Mini-USB port located on the back of the device. If a network-attached device isn’t something you’re looking for then you’ll be able to grab a PCI-e version next month.

Six tuners, one CableCARD, Ethernet sharing across your home network, all for only $299! It sounds great to us! Look for a full review soon!

For more information check out the official product page.

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