Seen in HD 145 – Xbox One reversal by Microsoft, Upside Down Blu-ray review

Jun 20, 2013 by


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Here’s the rundown of this week’s show:

It was an interesting day, to say the least. Mere hours before we started recording this week’s show, and a week after our E3 show, and after several days of intense pressure from gamers, Microsoft went and did basically a complete reversal on its Xbox One DRM policies, essentially making gaming on the next-gen console exactly like it is today. We spend the bulk of the show on opposite ends of what Microsoft did. Family Share? Gone (though rumors swirled today that Family Share was going to be a glorified demo, we may never know). Full game library everywhere, not anymore. Trading and loaning games went back to current status. Was it all worth it? We discuss.

Matt also looks at the mind-bending Upside Down on Blu-ray.        

Blu-ray releases for June 25.


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