Entertainment 2.0 #217 : HERE We Go

Feb 28, 2013 by

Richard returns this week to join Josh for the Entertainment 2.0 podcast. With Mobile World Congress going on this week you would expect the show to be packed with phone news, but it’s not! This episode is book-ended with Windows Media Center information. To start the guys cover the latest update from Ceton with regards to their Echo Media Center. They end the show talking about the steps they’ve taken in rebuilding their Home Theater PCs. In between those were stories from MWC,  and sales on Windows 8 PCs and Xbox Games.  They cover all that and more on episode 218 of the Entertainment 2.0 podcast. If you’re not listening live you’re missing a lot of fun, so make sure to join Josh and Richard for the live recording of episode 218 Tuesday, March 5th at 8:00pm ET!

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  • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff Kibuule

    You guys should actually try the Twitter app before you *ahem* comment on it. It’s actually REALLY well done (besides the big obnoxious tab buttons on the main screen). It’s significantly faster, has a lot more features, lock screen notifications, live tile count, etc.. that make it a far superior app than to whatever trash they’ve been peddling for the last few years.

    In fact, I’ve used the iOS and Android versions of the official Twitter app and the Windows Phone version is the best one by far. The other two versions completely eschew native design elements, but the Windows Phone version embraces them.

    Oh, and there is in fact swiping of tabs.

  • Jamie

    HTPC build/rebuild app: My channel logos. I like the visual improvement to the guide as well as the ability to increase the number of rows displayed so you can see more guide/channels at one time. Donations over $3.40us will allow these features, well worth it.

    This is definitely one of those apps you want to save the installer for rebuilds, it not you’ll probably be donating again to access the download!

  • http://twitter.com/WhatImpressesMe Inspired Richard

    Fair points, Jeff…and we’ll try to include your comment on the next show. But c’mon…tabs? On Windows Phone? Clearly it riled me up! ;-)