TiVo Lowers Device, Subscription Prices

Apr 3, 2012 by

TiVo Premiere XL

With waning market share and increasing competition from providers and newer streaming devices, TiVo has announced price decreases for its lineup of Series 4 DVRs and corresponding monthly service fees.

The Premier XL is now $50 cheaper at $249.99, and the Primer Elite is $100 cheaper than before, coming in now at $399.99. The entry-level TiVo Premier has been upgraded to record up to 75 hours of HD programming, now at $149.99. While TiVo certainly isn’t highlighting this, it’s worth noting that this price is $50 higher than it was last spring.

As before, all boxes require a one-year service agreement—a practice TiVo instituted a while back to subsidize their box prices. But since many people found the nearly $20 monthly fee unreasonable, consumers should be happy to learn that this monthly fee has now been reduced to $14.99, or $12.99/month for customers with multiple active units. This price brings TiVo’s service more in line with the cost of renting a DVR from your cable provider. TiVo still offers so-called lifetime service at $499.99 for the first device and $399.99 for each additional device. No-commitment pricing is also still available, but you have to dig pretty deep into the fine print to find it.


  • Anonymous

    So if I had two Tivo’s I would pay $12.99/unit for a total of $25.98/month?

  • http://twitter.com/WhatAnnoysMe Annoyed Richard

    You pay the full rate for one box and the lower rate for every other box in the household.