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Kinect Controlled Media Center App from Amulet Devices

Kinect for Windows is expanding the way we interact with our computers and TVs. Earlier in March we posted an article on Kinect for Windows Media Center that uses the full range of body motion to control Windows Media Center. Today Amulet Devices, makers of the [amazon_link id=”B00480C3OO” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amulet Voice Remote[/amazon_link] (our review), has released an app for controlling Media Center that minimizes the user’s motion so they can relax instead of dancing to change the channel.

Amulet Devices’ Kinect for Media Center app only uses two postures and voice commands to control the interface. Just raise an arm like you have the answer to a third grade math question and speak a command like selecting a song. This app uses haar cascades technology to recognize the body motion so the user can be sitting on a couch or lying on the floor. Unlike most Xbox Kinect games, the user doesn’t need to stand to use Amulet’s new software.

Check out their video below and download their free app from the Amulet Devices Website.