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My Movies 3 iPhone app now available

On Saturday I received the latest newsletter from My Movies 3 creator Brian Binnerup and there was some great news included for iPhone and iPod Touch users.  My Movies now has it’s own iPhone app which will allow you to not only view your collection on your device but add to it as well.  Never again be at the store and wonder whether or not you already bought ‘Space Jam’! 

iPhone3 iPhone1 You’ll find all the relevant screenshots here but I can tell you from using the app for the last 24 hours that it’s quite nice.  You do have to upgrade to My Movies 3.13 in order to be able to use the syncing features but this is a painless process.  (And one I was able to complete using RDP on a secondary user account.)

Once you’ve install the latest version, you need to update your web collection.  With that you’ll be all set.  You can then go to your device and sync your collection.  With mine coming in around 330 titles, syncing with full coverart took about two or three minutes.  Of course you’ll have to do this on a regular basis to keep it up to date on your device but with it being this fast, it’s really no big deal.

You get the majority of your metadata on the device and it’s nice to be able to browse and decide what you want to watch before actually going to your HTPC.

iPhone2 The “Lite” version of the app is currently free and without restrictions until August 1st.  At that point you’ll be limited to 100 titles unless you have 2,500 points on your My Movies account.  Prior to that August 1st cutoff date, “My Movies for iPhone Pro” will be made available for purchase.  Brian hasn’t released any details on what will be included in the Pro version but hopefully it’ll be worth whatever the cost is.  While this is a worthwhile app, going overboard on pricing (2,500 points is $100, and this does get you unlocked features in My Movies) would put it clearly in the “I can live without it” category.



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