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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 64: The Slamingest Episode EVAR!

Ent20logo2 You read that right.  Slamingest is now a word.  So much so that I’ve added it to the dictionary so that it doesn’t get that red squiggly line under it.  I might have coined it, but after listening to our show, you’ll know that it’s James Montemagno who’s made it famous.  James is the owner of RevoHTPC.com and he’s joined us this week to share his experiences with the Acer AspireRevo PC he uses as his Media Center.  I’ve been curious about the Revo for a long time and James’ site provides great info on using this nettop as an HTPC.  Head over there to see how James’ setup is coming together.

We’ve pushed email and voicemail off until next week but keep ‘em coming.  We’ll be reading and answering all of them next week.

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