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Recent Lutron App Update Foretells of New Blinds Support

A recent update to Lutron’s iOS app included notes hinting at new products. Apparently, Lutron Caséta and RA2 Select will support Lutron Serena and Triathlon Wood Blinds. We’ve been fans of the Serena shades for Caséta for years now. So we’re thrilled that these ecosystems will also be supporting wood blinds.

Recent Lutron App Update Foretells of New Blinds Support

A quick search on Lutron’s site revealed some recently updated pages and documents with a little more information, including a 2020-copyrighted brochure for wood blinds. From what they’re showing this is some nice product. All-wood construction, battery-operated, cordless design, matching valances, painted and stained finishes, voice control—these things check all the boxes. A Lutron instructional video on YouTube reveals further information. The shades use standard D-cell batteries in the headrail—just like Lutron’s Serena Shades.

Additional Features

So what are these other features in the update notes?

According to Lutron’s brochure, Natural Light Optimization is designed to “automatically tilt blinds to preset angles throughout the day to diffuse direct sunlight and maximize comfortable daylight in any space.” This could help you save energy on heating and lighting, prevent furniture/flooring/artwork fading, or just ensure privacy when needed.

Façade Finder, a new feature also indicated in this update, lets you determine what exposure your windows have so Lutron can set the right schedule each day to control your blinds. This seems like set-it-and-forget-it kind of stuff—no daily adjustments required unless you want to override the automated settings.

And a New Pico, Too

Lutron's Pico remote for Serena wood blinds

Rounding out the new offering for Caséta and RA2 Select: a Pico remote specifically for blinds. The five-button format will be familiar, and—as with all other Picos—it’s likely the exact same guts inside with different screen printing on the surface. We love seeing a straightforward, ultra-compatible remote for window coverings. We do, however, question their iconography. The tiny arrow next to slats in the opposite direction of how you want them to be positioned seems counter-intuitive.

We can’t tell from the available information when these new products will be released or what they will cost. What we do know is that Lutron’s window coverings are typically more expensive than other online outlets but much cheaper than most custom offerings.

SOURCE: All information shared in this post is publicly available at Lutron.com, on YouTube, and in the App Store.


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