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Sengled Further Diversifies, Distiguishes Lighting Product Line

We spent some time at CES this year talking with Sengled’s President for the US, Sandi Li. Sengled announced a few new products at this year’s show that further extend its expansive line of smart household lights. These include a new 100W-equivalent smart bulb in a one-of-a-kind A19 form factor, a new light strip, and a multi-color addition to Sengled’s line of WiFi bulbs (most Sengled bulbs are Zigbee-based, requiring a hub or bridge for automation and remote control).

You can expect all of these new bulbs a little later this year. They add diversity to an already large line of innovative products. What piqued our interest, though, was an outdoor LED floodlight with light and motion sensors built in. The Element Classic PAR38 Motion Sensor is great for outdoor security lights. Since it’s a smart bulb, you can get alerts and control other lights, based on sensor inputs, from Sengled’s app. What differentiates the bulb for us is that it’s a larger, PAR38 form factor, rather than the more common BR30 downlights bulbs. Many exterior fixtures require this larger bulb.

This bulb is a bright 1200 lumens at 3000K (which is about the same color as a halogen floodlight bulb). It does require a hub or Sengled’s bridge to access its smart features. You can already buy this product at Amazon or Best Buy—Sengled released it before the year’s end. The bulb costs around $25, or you can buy two at a discounted price.

Initially known for combo smart light/speaker products, Sengled is now building an enourmous portfolio of smart lighting products for the home. Speaking with Mr. Li, it was obvious to us that not only does he have a deep and broad understanding of the business and technology side of things, but he clearly cares about the needs and expectations of customers as they adopt new technologies. We’ll continue to watch as Sengled grows its presence in the US and differentiates itself with further innovation.

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